Practitioner: Paola St George

Hi, I am a fully qualified, BACP accredited Counsellor. It's difficult to choose the right counsellor so I offer a free assessment session as an opportunity for you to meet me and see if you feel you can work with me.

I work integratively and believe that the success of counselling is about the development of the relationship between myself and the people I work with. I work on both a long term and short term basis with adults.

I aim to use the counselling style and techniques best suited to each individual client and their particular problems or issues. My overall approach develops an awareness of how your past is affecting your current life and the impact it is having.

People decide to come to therapy for a variety of different reasons, each as individual as the person experiencing them.

The management of difficult feelings, such as anger, anxiety, depression and bereavement can be experienced as overpowering, influencing the way we lead our lives and affecting everything we do. Relationship issues of all kinds, with loved ones, friends and even the relationship we have with ourselves can often be found to be a fundamental concern that first brings us to therapy.

Whatever the reason, often it is the decision to deal with these problems directly that is the first step in making changes. If you'd like to make an appointment with me, or just ring for a chat to see if we could work together, Please see details below.

I have worked as a counsellor in Brighton since 1995, when I first qualified with a Counselling Diploma from the UK training College, based at St Charles Hospital in London. I recently gained a BA (Hons) Degree in Humanistic Counselling from Chichester University.

I currently work as a counsellor with both Threshold Mental Health initiative and Brighton Womens Centre and I also have a small practice at the Albion Clinic in Brighton.

From a theoretical perspective there are three different therapeutic approaches that most counsellors today express an affinity to. On the BACP website they are described as follows:

Psychodynamic approach;

stresses the importance of the unconscious and past experience in determining current behaviour. The therapist focuses on the client/therapist relationship and in particular on the transference. Transference is when the client projects onto the therapist feelings experienced in previous significant relationships.

Behavioural approach;

based on the belief that behaviour is learnt in response to past experience and can be unlearnt, or reconditioned, without analysing the past to find the reason for the behaviour.

The humanistic approach;

encourages people to explore their feelings and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. Emphasis is on self-development and achieving highest potential rather than dysfunctional behaviour. The client's creative instincts may be used to explore and resolve personal issues (BACP Website)

As an integrative counsellor with a humanistic core, I work creatively with the client led by what the client wants to work on in order to overcome any issues or problems that might be blocking the client being happy.

I abide by the code of ethics laid down by the BACP code of ethics, this includes regular supervision which monitors and supports the therapeutic work I do.

For more information please contact Paula St George:

Tel: 07882 618364

Albion Clinic : 01273 628221