Anita Wicks RSHom, RGN

Anita Wicks

Call me if you’d like to speak to me personally on 01273 699075

You can also visit my website www.anitawickshomeopathy.co.uk

I’m Registered & Insured with the Society of Homeopaths and have been in full time practice since 1990. I come from a background in nursing, with broad experience of hospital based work, and several years on a children’s medical ward. Since qualifying as a Homeopath, my work has included private practice in London and Brighton, NHS work in mental health and a GP surgery, and various other projects including work with Registered Charities. I have worked with most age groups and have particular experience of working with the following groups: children and families, the elderly, and people with mental health problems.

I completed an Advanced practitioners diploma in Naturopathic approach to Nutrition in 2009 and am a BANT registered Nutritionist. I'm finding that the two approaches work very well alongside each other.

History of Homeopathic medicine

Founded by Samuel Hahnemann, a physician and chemist in Germany, in early part 19th Century. It evolved from naturopathic principles and was widely practised in Northern Europe, the America’s and UK, where two Homeopathic hospitals were established in London and Glasgow. Its popularity declined with the introduction of super drugs such as antibiotics, steroids etc; however it is now more popular again as more and more people return to more ‘natural’ systems of healing as their first choice of primary health care.

How does Homeopathy differ from Allopathy or conventional medicine?

Homeopathy recognises the body’s innate intelligent self healing mechanisms, and works with these, strengthening them by using individually selected medicines based on your whole picture. Your symptoms are looked at in the context of your whole being.

What can Homeopathy be used for?

- As there are no toxic side effects, it can be used by anyone of any age for most physical, mental and emotional complaints

- For feeling ‘run down’, low in energy, lowered immune system functioning

- Can support you to recover from specific conditions e.g. Irritable bowel syndrome, joint problems, menstrual disorders, recurrent infections, childhood illnesses and many other conditions by strengthening your innate natural healing ability

- Helpful with emotional states such as those arising from bereavement, stress, trauma of any kind e.g. depression and anxiety

A typical Consultation

In your first session you will be asked to describe in detail what it is you are coming for help with. You will also be asked questions about your general health, medical history, and family medical history, how you are affected by the environment, weather, seasons, food and anything else that is particular and unique to you. You will also be asked to say something about the sort of person you are. As you give me your history, I'll be looking for patterns, feelings, sensations individual to you, and any events that you may think have significantly affected your health. The first session is particularly in depth and thorough after which you will either be given a remedy there and then or more often this will be sent to you afterwards so that I've time to reflect on your case. Follow up appointments are made at 2 – 4 week intervals as required.

Cost of Treatment

Includes: case analysis after appointment & remedies, postage and packing

- First appointment adult (up to 90 minutes) £65

- Follow ups adult (up to 45 minutes) £50

- First appointment children under 16 (up to 60 minutes) £50

- Follow ups children under 16 (up to 40 minutes) £40

10% family discount available when more than one family member is seen at same time.

Telephone advice is offered between appointments for acute complaints for which there is a minimum fee of £5 or £10 if any remedies are posted to you.

For out of hours advice (evenings & weekends) call Homeopathic Help Line 09065 343404 daily till midnight, calls charged at £1.50 pr min.