Nutritional Therapy

Practitioner: Anita Wicks

About me

My name is Anita Wicks, I trained in a naturopathic approach to nutrition with the Nutritional Healing Foundation, based in Somerset, I’m a BANT registered Nutritionist.

I’m also a Practicing Registered Homeopath with the Society of Homeopaths and a Registered Nurse, currently working part time in a Centre for people living with HIV and AIDS see my website for more information -

As well as working from the Albion Clinic, I run a clinic from my home in Hanover and I also work for a Charity in London as part of a team of Complementary Health Practitioners, where we offer subsidised Complementary health care for older people.

Do feel free to call me for an informal chat on 01273 699075 or 07977 563716. You can also look at my website

About Nutritional Healing

The main aims of this approach are :

To respond to each person with their individual needs

Identifying and treating the cause of your health issues

Working with the innate healing ability of the body, & being more in tune with natural cycles (day to day, seasons, etc)

The role of the Practitioner is to support the person to create the most favourable conditions to stimulate and enhance this healing power of the body.

Philosophy of the cell & self healing

We are all made up of trillions of cells, all of which are programmed to repair, heal and grow. Our lifestyle, way of eating, stress, how we take care of ourselves all impact on our internal cellular environment, when our internal environment is well we are well. Ever wondered why some people get ill when exposed to others with flu or colds and some do not? It's all about this environment that's why.

Health is not just an absence of dis-ease, it's about having good vitality with the ability to adapt to the changing demands of day to day life. Picture a tree bending and swaying in the wind, perhaps changing its shape over time in places exposed to strong winds, but not breaking or falling over apart from may be in extreme weather conditions. A dis-eased tree on the other hand may crack and fall in a strong wind.

We are subject to different influences day to day, and like the weather, they change, and we are affected at different levels; mental & emotional concerns, dietary factors, environmental stresses like pollution. In good health we sway like a tree in the wind, and adapt to these influences, we deal with them. When we are not in good health, we feel out of sorts, or we get unwell.

Why use this approach?

Some people simply want to check that they are on the right track with regard to healthy eating. Others may want to lose weight or get help with their symptoms.

Each person is an individual with their own 'story' and their own unique requirements. This is not a 'one fits all' approach. Nutritional healing can help you to understand and map your particular process from full health to where you are now, to help you gain an insight into why you might have become unwell or in discomfort or pain.

- A poor diet and lifestyle may lead to nutritional imbalances causing hormonal disturbances

- Prolonged stress & long hours in the workplace may lead to poor eating habits like ‘eating on the run’ or at your desk whilst working, resulting in poor digestion and related problem

- Environmental exposures such as to certain toxic metals like mercury or lead can precipitate various disorders, e.g. neurological

- Transitional periods in our life around puberty and menopause can be times when we need additional support

- Emotional issues which are unresolved can cause chronic stress to our bodies until we learn how to integrate the experience and move on. If we have a good cry and express our emotion at the time of the event, e.g. a big fright or shock, a bereavement or relationship break-up, then chances are we’ll recover sooner and in a less complicated way than if we bury our feelings and remain stoical. Emotion is ‘energy’ and it has to go somewhere, it doesn’t just disappear.

Fees & What to expect

Please see my website for details of fees.

Once I have an understanding of you and your presenting problems, I look at your presenting problems in the context of this philosophy, taking into account hereditary factors, and your patterns of health & illness from conception to now.

We can then start to formulate a plan to support you to return to a more balanced state of health & wellbeing. This will include the following:

- An explanation of Naturopathic philosophy and how it relates to your particular problems

- personalised advice for diet and lifestyle changes

- details of any recommended nutritional supplements

- Naturopathic techniques such as dry skin brushing & hydrotherapy