Practitioner:Kitty Cava

Shiatsu & Seiki

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a new expression of the Japanese traditional forms of massage and healing. It also has Its origin in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Shiatsu relies on the healing power of touch to bring about a positive response in the body’s energy. It combines the use of touch with stretches and manipulations to the physical structure of the body, to relieve blocked and painful conditions.

How does Shiatsu work?

Shiatsu can help to strengthen the defensive ki of the body, and so ward off sickness and maintain good health. Ki is the Japanese word for life force, and is often described as energy, but it is also associated with the breath. Shiatsu works to harmonise the Ki of the body, which can promote good health. Contemporary Shiatsu teaching incorporates concepts from western medicine and psychology.


Kitty also uses Seiki in her work. Seiki has developed out of Shiatsu, and is a form which has a more meditative quality. In Seiki the practitioner makes use of resonance with the patient's body via the fingers to activate the body’s Ki and bring it back into harmony.

When there is mutual trust and trust in life forces the specific points and areas that need working on become clearly visible on the body’s surface. So a partnership is established and the patient is active in their own treatment or healing. Seiki awakens the deep nature of a being and the changes that take place are clearly felt on a physical and mental level. The body relaxes and becomes more flexible, pain and abnormal sensations are clearly felt, and the whole body becomes more aware and sensitive. Then the functions for eliminating toxins become more active on a mental level. In this way harmony is re-established between body and spirit.

Children's Hospital Work

Kitty also works giving a subtle form of Shiatsu to children at the Royal Alexander Children's Hospital, on the high dependency wards, and has been part of a research project into the benefits of Shiatsu massage for children in hospital. The project has been successful and is being continued for another period and the statistics show that children benefit greatly from this form of treatment. Kitty feels that Shiatsu is a very suitable form of treatment for children of all ages.

Introductory Classes

Kitty has run introductory courses in Shiatsu especially targeted for giving Shiatsu to family and friends and recommends this gentle bodywork as a great way to communicate with your own children.

Mental Health Support Work

Kitty has been part of a project exploring the benefits of Shiatsu and meditation for people suffering from mental health issues.

Fees: £40 for the first session (1 hr 15 mins) and £35 for subsequent sessions

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